Friday's speaker will be Dr. Michelle Carlino is a veternarian with the ASPCA Poison Control Center, treating animals who are harmed by toxins.  She'll be talking to us about the 5 most common toxins that can cause kidney failure in your pets.  She will be going over signs that you may see if your pet gets into these things as well as how they are treated at your vet.
Dr. Carlino grew up in the area, the daughter of founding member Mike Carlino.  She attended undergrad at the University of Iowa, went to vet school at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine and she completed her clinicals at UW Madison.  Before going to vet school, Dr. Carlino held pretty much every job you can have at a vet clinic.  After having a dog with congenital kidney disease, Dr. Carlino developed a special interest in the kidneys.  When not at work, Dr. Carlino enjoys spending time with her family and boyfriend as well as her 2 dogs and 4 cats.