Noel Ilkow of Nonie's Bees in Crystal Lake will be speaking to us on Friday April 15 about bees and why we should care about them.  (Hint: they are essential to our food supply.)  
Noel’s love of bees began when her grandfather would take her to visit his bee yard located in the valley below their home.  Many years later a friend of Noel’s gave her a bee hive and her love of bees and the family legacy was reborn.  Noel now has 10 hives, four of which are located on an organic farm in Wisconsin.   
For Noel, the best part of bee keeping is being able to educate people, especially young people, about the importance of bees, the fragility of the bee population, how the bees impact the health of our earth, and what we can do to help our bees survive.  It is with this new-found knowledge she hopes to foster the next generation of bee keepers.   
In 2016, Noel is embarking on an ambitious program to distribute 10,000 bee blossom seed bombs.  Seed bombs are a simple gardening solution to grow indigenous pollinating plants. The motto of this program is “Let’s help save the bees so they can help save the world.”