Did I say WOW??!!  WOW!!  We had an amazing turnout for our Electronics Recycle Event!  THANK YOU JOHN CASPER for letting us use your location for the event!!  I know it was a bit overwhelming but you did a great job with snaking the cars in your parking lot.
We had close to 200 cars and took in over 4 TONS of electronics...the most they have collected yet!!   We had to close early because the trucks were full.  They will be doing home pick-ups for almost 40 names that we took and that will still be added to our event.  We are going to look at running another event in February but at a different location.  Information will be coming out soon and we will hopefully have more members come out and volunteer.
Thank you to Barbara, Bob, John Casper, John Croneigh, Dale, Doug, Nancy and Petra for coming out! Actually it really wasn't that cold out, sun was shining and no wind!!
UPDATE: The home pick-ups that Blue Star is doing this week for people who arrived after the truck was full have added about 2 tons to the haul.  A great showing for Lake Zurich!  Stay tuned -- another event will be scheduled soon.