Lots of people have told me they are volunteering for this but I don't have a lot of completed registrations. Click the link below to volunteer for the Softball Throw/Tennis Ball Throw at Special Olympics on May 6.  You have to create an account AND select a volunteer slot.  The link is specifically designated for us.  Please volunteer now!
Once again this year, we will be participating in the Special Olympics Baseball/Tennis Ball/Javelin Throw on the first Sunday in May.  It's always a wonderful community service activity for us.  If you've volunteered before, you can even get your old job back.  Deadline to volunteer: April 1.
Plus, this year, they have moved from LZHS to a much larger venue at Prospect Heights High School.  Fortunately, not too far down the road.
And they are also asking us to use a different way to volunteer, by signing up individually.  You must use this form to volunteer this year: 
Once you have volunteered, tell me at nancyshepherdson@hotmail.com.
We currently have 25 slots assigned, so please volunteer before April 1 to guarantee your place!  Let's show them how it's done!